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Vogue Pleat Statement Loafer

Vogue Pleat Statement Loafer


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Introducing our patent slingback formal loafer, a contemporary fusion of sophistication and street style. This shoe is designed with a distinctive 2-inch block heel, providing both elegance and comfort for any formal occasion. The broad square toe shape adds a modern touch, perfectly aligning with current fashion trends. The upper, crafted from high-quality synthetic patent material, not only exudes luxury but also makes a statement in terms of durability and sustainability. One of the standout features of this loafer is the attention-grabbing pleat on the plug. This subtle yet impactful detail serves to break the monotony, elevating the overall design and setting it apart from conventional formal footwear. The pleat becomes a focal point, adding a touch of uniqueness that captures the essence of street style. 

  • Upper Material: Patent
  • Lining Material: Synthetic Suede
  • Square Toe Shape
  • Rubber Sole
  • Glossy Finish
  • Features: Pleat
  • Heel Type: Block Heel
  • Heel Height: 2 Inch

Our patent slingback formal loafer combines sophistication and street style. With a 2-inch block heel offering elegance and comfort, it suits any formal occasion. Its square toe shape aligns with modern fashion trends, while the high-quality synthetic patent upper signifies luxury, durability, and sustainability. Highlighted by an attention-grabbing pleat, this loafer breaks conventional norms, adding a unique touch capturing street style essence.

Discover our patent slingback formal loafer, a blend of sophistication and street chic. Boasting a 2-inch block heel for elegance and comfort, it suits diverse formal events. The square toe design follows current fashion trends, and the synthetic patent upper ensures luxury and sustainability. Notably, the pleat feature elevates its design, diverging from traditional formal footwear and embracing street style uniqueness.

Introducing our patent slingback formal loafer, merging sophistication with urban flair. Its 2-inch block heel offers elegance and comfort for various formal occasions. The square toe shape resonates with contemporary fashion, and the high-quality synthetic patent upper denotes luxury and sustainability. Embrace its standout feature: the attention-catching pleat, transforming traditional formality into a unique street style statement.

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