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Chain Loom Sandal

Chain Loom Sandal


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Introducing our exquisite 5-Inch Stiletto Heels, where sophistication meets edgy elegance in a design that commands attention. The stiletto heels boast a stunning chrome-plated finish, providing a sleek and modern touch that elevates your style. Crafted from synthetic PU material, the upper exudes a luxurious look that complements the metallic charm of the chrome-plated heel. The ankle strap is uniquely designed with a metallic chain, adding a touch of boldness to the overall aesthetic. An ornamented hanging lock on the outside of the ankle strap enhances the edgy and fashionable appeal, making these heels a true statement piece. Perfect for those who crave a fusion of modernity and glamour, these stiletto heels are designed to be a showstopper at any event. The chrome-plated heel adds a touch of drama, while the metallic chain and lock detailing provide a unique and eye-catching element.

  • Style: Sandal
  • Upper Material: Synthetic PU
  • Lining Material: Synthetic PU
  • Toe Shape: Square
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Finish: Shiny
  • Feature: Chain
  • Heel Type: Stiletto Heel
  • Heel Height: 5 Inches

Step into elegance with our 5-Inch Stiletto Heels. The chrome-plated finish and unique ankle strap with metallic chain make these heels a bold fashion statement. Crafted from synthetic PU material, they blend luxury with a modern touch. Perfect for those who seek glamour and style, these stilettos are designed to turn heads at any event.

Introducing our 5-Inch Stiletto Heels - a fusion of sophistication and edgy elegance. The chrome-plated finish adds drama, while the metallic chain and hanging lock detailing make a bold statement. Crafted from synthetic PU material, these heels boast a luxurious look. Elevate your style with these showstoppers that perfectly balance modernity and glamour.

Discover the allure of our 5-Inch Stiletto Heels, where chic meets boldness. The chrome-plated finish and metallic chain detailing on the ankle strap create a captivating design. Crafted from synthetic PU material, these heels exude luxury. With a square toe shape and rubber sole, they strike the perfect balance between modern style and glamorous appeal.

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Free shipping. Free returns. Free exchanges.